Grave site

Site and memorials

Our staff is prepared to assist with any of the following services

  • Site selection
  • Headstone foundations
  • Group or individual plots
  • Engrave memorial headstones



Niche and Engraving

Our Columbarium provides a resting place for cremated remains stored in a custom engraved niche.

  • Black and gray granite
  • Two cremations per niche
  • Engraved niche outer door

Funeral services

Coordination with funeral homes

Our staff coordinates with local funeral homes to provide the following related services

  • Open and close site
  • Set and seal vault
  • Provide tents (if requested)
  • Provide chapel services


Perpetual grounds care

Our staff, headed by our Sexton, keep our grounds and buildings maintained. We provide the following services

  • Trim and cut grass
  • Trim and prune bushes and trees
  • Collect and clean trash and dead flowers
  • Clear snow and salt roads
  • Plant grass seed on new plots