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About Us

The Ortonville Cemetery is a non-profit organization run by nine board members. Our cemetery does not receive any funding from government sources – local, state, or national. All of our funding comes from the sale of sites, cremation niches, foundation sales, and from tax deductible donations to our non-profit.

Our cemetery has a new circular seventy-two unit columbarium, suitable for storing cremated remains. This unit is made of black and grey granite and weighs approximately 14,000 pounds.


Perpetual Maintenance

We are a perpetual care cemetery that is audited by the State of Michigan. Fifteen percent of all income must be put into escrow for cemetery maintenance. When the cemetery has sold all available plots and niches this escrow will be used to maintain the grounds. Ensuring continued care of your loved ones resting place. Our crew works to keep the grounds and facilities clean and maintained. This crew is led by the Sexton and Assistant Sexton year round.

Sexton Contact
Available via phone 248-627-8413